Poppins Catering Weekly Menu

Poppins Catering stands apart from other Weekly Meal services. In addition to our catering options you can also receive weekly meals and add on options at your home. This allows you to order food when you want and not have to stick to a fixed plan. You no longer have to cancel if you do not want a meal, because you order when you want it.

Weekly Meals Plans:
(Don’t see your location here please email me)

Delivery Days

- Monday and Wednesday: Delivery to Greenwich and Stamford, CT

- Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays: Delivery to Garrison, Cold Spring, Beacon, Cornwall, West Point, NY

How it works

- Meal orders for the week will have to be in by 7pm the Thursday before the week you would like your delivery.

(For Example: Last day to order would be, Thursday, January 26th by 7pm, for the week of January 30 – February 3.)

- I will have advance menus for each week and you let me know which meals you want. The options for the week will be listed under the Weekly Meal Menu

Weekly Meal Menu

- There will also be add on options such as, soups, stocks, sauces, dressings and marinades that can be ordered in addition to your meals.

- You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your order and it has been processed.

- All meals are delivered in re-usable freezer bags. I ask that you leave your bags out for pick up in the same spot the food is dropped off so they can be re-used. If not, you will be subject to an additional $20 charge per bag.

How to order

- Send me an email at poppinscatering@gmail.com or call 914 213 1393 with the following information:

       - Name

       - Address: street, city, zip

       - Phone number

       - How many people

       - Day you want your food delivered

       - What food you are ordering

       - Where is the best place to leave meals at your home

*All deliveries are subject to a delivery charge. Delivery charges will vary depending on your location. Please call or email for details.

All catering events are a first come first serve and require a deposit in order to hold the day and time. All catering orders are final a week prior to the date of your event no adjustments can be made. Please let me know if you have any dietary concerns a week prior to your event.